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Danaher Corporation is an American globally diversified conglomerate with its headquarters in Washington, D.C. The company designs, manufactures and markets professional, medical, industrial and commercial products and services. The company's 3 segments are "Life Sciences", "Diagnostics" and "Environmental & Applied Solutions". Danaher is ranked 160th on the Fortune 500. In 2019, Danaher was ranked by Forbes as one of the best employers for diversity.

The company is named after Danaher Creek in Western Montana. It was fishing in this creek where the founders, brothers Steven M. Rales and Mitchell Rales, envisioned a new kind of manufacturing company dedicated to continuous improvement. Danaher was one of the first companies in North America to adopt "Kaizen" principles to manufacturing, which is a lean manufacturing Japanese philosophy of continuous improvement, and elimination of waste.

An employee of Danaher left an anonoymus review, "I am very disappointed in the management and culture at Danaher Corporation. Focus is on the next quarterly statement. There is a clear lack of understanding of basic science here and no desire to innovate or improve on cost, schedule or quality. They overwork you and then change the way you get paid frequently. Management is horrible. There is no training and no organization whatsoever. If you are looking for a career there is no advancement. Processes are horrible, knowledge of systems and products of management team is horrible."


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Diretor Jurídico Latam says

"Comunicação e clareza precisam melhorar. Relação entre superiores e liderados ainda é bastante amadora. RH é uma área extremamente deficiente (foco demais em processos e a empresa se esquece das pessoas como seres humanos). Empresa com nível de dificuldade política bastante alto (é necessário paciência, pois gasta-se muito tempo com alianças e tentativas de agradar muita gente até que algo seja realmente implementado). Um dos pilares da empresa é sua estrutura enxuta (lean), mas há um enorme exagero. Todos trabalham além da conta, assumem papéis que vão muito além das suas atribuições normais e acabam não fazendo o trabalho direito por falta de recurso humano."

Call Center Operations Support Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"The operating company of KAVOKerr has poor leadership, management is completely detached from the issues and challenges of their employees. The Alpharetta office is in dire need of restructuring"

Inside Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"They overwork you and then change the way you get paid frequently. Management is horrible. There is no training and no organization whatsoever. If you are looking for a career there is no advancement. Processes are horrible, knowledge of systems and products of management team is horrible. You are better off working for Burger King."

Assembler II (Former Employee) says

"Advancement was based on who you knew and how much you were willing to give up to management! Once you bring issues to management for resolution you're labeled as a trouble maker."

Vice President - Tax (Former Employee) says

"Culture of squeezing employees and costs to make the numbers. Creates tremendous pressure and stress on employees to save pennies leading to burnout and low morale.always make the numbersalways make the numbers"

Distribution Technician (Former Employee) says

"I worked countless hours of overtime before and after there switching from paper to all digital. And all it got me was more taxes i had to pay and my miniumal bonus. If you plan on working here know you can never be sick or late . Vacation requests are going to be based on time with the company and for new employees are very limited on dates and prorated. The benefits are expenses and are very basic with alot of employee out of pocket expenses. If you have a family or enjoy time with them then this is not the place for you.Taxes for everything given as a bonus or incentive, high health care costs, hard time getting vacation requests. Poor work/life balance"

Monkey Trainer (Former Employee) says

"Working at Danaher is very frustrating since Priorities are swapped like underwear. I learned so far that even the most skillfull people can be disabled by mismanagement."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Danaher overall was a good organisation to work with however since they have a various business segments , In those segments they yet to follow Danaher culture. Management still learning to run the system."

Global Support Services Manager (Former Employee) says

"This company is fragmented and poorly managed. It will drive hard, use up and cast away good employees without care or understanding.limited competitor in its industrypoor company to work for/avoid."

N/a (Current Employee) says

"This company would be great if they had the right people in the right positions. Most managers are there to get a pay check and just speak a good game and have no clue what their responsibilities are. They always look at others to blame when they don't shine. Poor work ethics, a lot of harassment at the job, and just unfair practices which HR doesnt understand or simply don't understand themselves.Great lunches during training classesHorrible management team and pass the bucks to others to figure out when they have no clue."

Associate (Current Employee) says

"Danaher's publicly stated #1 goal is to increase free cash so they can buy more companies. To accomplish this, they put all internal financial objectives (A/P, inventory, payroll, etc.) at the top front and center of the list, meaning things like customer service, supplier satisfaction, and employee morale take a way way way distant back seat. For example, at Danaher it's better to be stocked out on a product then to carry the appropriate level of inventory to keep customers delighted. It's better to go on credit hold with suppliers than it is to keep your production lines running. It's better to make the existing workforce work 60 hour weeks than it is to hire the appropriate resources for the job. Wall Street is easily fooled by the numbers, but those who have direct interaction with Danaher (customers, suppliers, and employees) know better. Ironically, it's not the associates at Danaher who get rewarded for the excessive work (keep in mind most are salaried), it's the stockholders of the distressed companies that Danaher buys (and the Danaher executives too, of course). Not even the stockholders of Danaher get a decent reward - the share price hasn't changed much in the last year or so, and only token dividends are paid. Most employees are looking for new jobs and WILL leave as the job market improves.None reallySuper long hours, no work-life balance, average pay, below average benefits at high cost, only 7 paid holidays, rude leadership"

Marketing Specialist (Current Employee) says

"I cannot say many polite things about this organization as I feel that it is highly dysfunctional in many ways, and I do not wish to jeopardize my employment should someone who works for this organization read my review and be able to determine who I am based on the information I provide.good experiencezero potential for promotion"

Senior Program Manager (Former Employee) says

"The workplace culture should be one of continuous improvement but many of the habits, culture, and processes in acquired operating companies remains stagnant in the 'this is the way it's always been done'."

Credit & Collections Manager (Former Employee) says

"hostile environment, too much expectations that are unrealistic goals are hard to achieve, some management has no interpersonal skills so makes it hard to motivate"

Machine Operator (Current Employee) says

"I worked in Claris . Typical day consist of running orders based due dates. Taking 5 specs an hour packaging wrapping orders scanning skids shrink wrapping for shipment and performing life test called an alt testWorkingPay raise, advancement"

Lieca Manager (Current Employee) says

"With multiple product launches rushed through the process skipping critical steps has only cratered the moral of the sales teams and put our internal teams at odds with self inflicted pain. Long term employees want nothing to do with DBS and its processes. It’s a game with everyone looking.A few good people to work withThe GM is demotivating"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Leadership did not uphold nor honor the Leadership Anchors. Poor change management for acquired companies. Executive pattern showing Lack of awareness of actual state of business and needed decisions. Culture that does not allow challenging of leaders, despite its Accountability First declared culture. Problem Solving often results in blame without resources.Competitive Pay, benefits, job opportunitiesDespite a mature, documented process, evaluation and promotion is still network based, Good Old Boy"

International Distribution (Former Employee) says

"no sure how things are nowadays but compensation was good, work balance was good, plant director ok, good place to learn lean tools.free lunchesshort breaks"

Senior Manager Talent Acquisition, (Former Employee) says

"Hight pressure company that works you 7 days a week 14 hours a day. Set unrealistic expectations. The initial interview are all smoke and mirrors, and change on you after you start."

Assembler (Current Employee) says

"Danaher has the worst management ever. The management focus more on friendship than business. Favoritism is out of this world. There is definitely no trust with the management team. We cannot even go to our human resource for help. The rules are not for everyone. Certain individuals are definitely excluded. The pay is horrible meaning an individual that has been there for 40 years is making the same thing as individuals that have been there for 3 to 5 years performing the same task. The raises are definitely unfair. How can your grade be the same every year even though you exceeded in mostly everything that was expected, but still receive the same raise year after year? You cannot advance in this place. It is according on who you are. It should be based off of skill, education, and performance, as well as some other qualifications, but race should not be one. Hate to sound cliché, but race is definitely a factor. You do not have to take my word, just visit the facility and do a walk through up front in the office area and decide for yourself.BenefitsEverything else"

Senior Electro-Mechanical Technician (Former Employee) says

"Terrible manager in the Lab and always on the phone trying to get auto parts for his racing machineno work availablenot always enough work going on at the company"

Joe says

"Instructional is just ok, not great quality and lacking in what I was looking for. Honestly, I am very dissapointed and feel that I wasted my money on this one."

Tracy Tompson Martin says

"I ordered 4 videos on 11/23/2018 for A Christmas gift. As of 12/26/2018, I still have not recieved my order. My credit card was charged, and I cannot get customer service to return my calls."

dennis says

"Prior to purchase, customer service assured me that I would be able to download my purchase for viewing offline. However, upon purchase, no such option existed. Instead, they communicated that their IT team was working on making all content available offline. This type of miscommunication is unacceptable. Just tell us upfront that it's not available yet for the desired purchase, and / or for which products it is available."

Joseph deprima says

"Always takes a long time to get my dvds after purchase"

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